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"My mom was so proud...She couldn't believe it. It made me feel that, you know, i'm actually gonna go somewhere worthwhile. The GrantAnswers team was telling me, 'We're gonna win this...we're in this together'. And we succeeded. We won the $120,000 Presidential Scholarship."


"Today, I was accepted into a top Master's program in Education and am a graduate of one of the top universities in NYC, with no loans. I am a recipient of 3 scholarships including the Ronald McDonald House Charities scholarships. I used the knowledge GrantAnswers gave me and was again accepted into a top Master's program in Education that is all being paid for.  GrantAnswers has saved me over $250,000."

"GrantAnswers grew out of the work I saw its founder do at a Federal TRIO Upward Bound program...Providing guidance for hundreds of students from unrepresented backgrounds, and leading to $1  million in scholarships. That expertise is reflected in the services GrantAnswers provides."


Workforce Development
Educational Consulting
Scholarship & Grant Applications
To Boost Career and College Outcomes 
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